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All American jurisdictions have enacted such statutes, but they vary greatly in the details.[11] As one might expect, therefore, there may be circumstances in which a lawyer may find a conflict between the duty to keep information secret and the duty to disclose it.
On endless forums devoted to finding foreign wives, it's clear that many of them are tired and/or fed up with the dating scene, and dream of finding a woman who will take care of them.

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While a vintage plain silver-plated ‘Unique’ in excellent condition may fetch around £100, keep an eye out for those with other functions – an embedded watch may raise the value to £2,000 or more; and those covered with exquisite Japanese maki-e lacquer decoration by Namiki – the best often taking months to create – can fetch similar sums.

Other vintage names worth collecting include Thorens, a Swiss manufacturer well known for music boxes; the company used its knowledge of these movements to create lighters with fine quality mechanisms.

As the film industry emerged and blossomed, celebrities were almost always seen smoking; the habit was seen as glamorous, fashionable and even beneficial to health.

Vintage lighter designs at the time were therefore often elegant and finely decorated, materials were usually high quality – solid or plated silver, gold or chrome – and the mechanisms were fine and smooth.

Of all the bad dating shows, this one actually has a pretty clever premise.

, or as it’s known now “the story of our lives thanks to a little thing called internet dating” was probably the most straightforward dating show concept on this list.

The prototype was created from an old mustard can and featured a horizontal flint, allowing the user to operate it with just one hand.

This led to the launch of the landmark lighter named ‘Unique’, which was the must have accessory of the time and is still in production today.

The lighter features a unique rectangular form with vertical reeded decoration.

The major name in the industry was – and still is today – Dunhill.

In 1919, Alfred Dunhill engaged Willey Greenwood and Frederick Wise to design a new product to add to his successful range of automobile accessories.

Just from that title wordplay alone, you knew this was a brilliant, sloppy disasterpiece.

And in PERFECT Reality TV form, they both ended up picking the same dude.