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Currently, May also provides business consultancy service for companies.

Some of her corporate clients include Forex 100 Academy and Arc of Life Chiropractic for which she provides advice on business practices as well as talent management respectively.

You will learn about the legal issues, challenges and prospects of an IPO of a new format.

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The cases, including love scams, were mostly done via social media and people were duped into making payments without even having met the person. The scammer use popular social, dating and business networking sites.

programme, and the experience gained from being under the tutelage of renowned astrologers from the USA, Australia, Portugal, and the UK has proved immensely useful in the consulting room as well as for May’s students.

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British airline Easy Jet used emotions analytics to determine what its customers felt about the trips they had taken, and Bloomberg allows its clients to track emotions in voice and text communications, thereby enabling them to better prevent market abuse and remain compliant.Beyond Verbal, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has been at the forefront of emotions analytics research and implementation since its creation in 2012, based on 21 years of research by a team of physicists and neuropsychologists led by Yoram Levanon.Some 2.3 million voice samples, in more than 40 languages, have been studied.“The result is a platform that can extract, decode and measure a full spectrum of human emotions from a person’s raw voice via a set of emotional detection engines that allow voices and applications to understand an individual’s mood, attitude and decision-making characteristics as they speak,” says Tatiana Shchertsovsky, the company’s marketing manager.She notes that Beyond Verbal originally focused on pure emotions analytics.(Foucault laments that today we only recall .) As Foucault writes, “writing transforms the things seen or heard ‘into tissue and blood.’” People regularly returned to their hupomnēmata for nourishment. A Twitter feed, for instance, presents a seemingly disjointed collection of thoughts and snippets from the world, and it seems to be both like and unlike hupomnēmata.