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"But I spoke with Roger and my mother and a lot of people and decided to get the truth out there," she adds.

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The Drive Safe and Ride Safe handbooks are owned and maintained by the Western Australian Department of Transport.

The handbooks are not the law, but a simplified version of the road rules contained in the relevant Acts and Regulations.

Includes a method which// calculates the total price of the items in the cart using a// closure as a callback.

Watch out when 'importing' variables to a closure's scope -- it's easy to miss / forget that they are actually being *copied* into the closure's scope, rather than just being made available.

Here are the steps to get it geared up: 1) Install Mac Ports – Download/instructions for Mac Ports (Be sure to pick the correct file for your OS X version.) 2) Open the saved file to install Mac Ports.

3) After installation of Mac Ports is complete, there’s one more item to check.

Simply open Terminal, paste this command: And that’s it, Pu TTY will be installed on your machine. That is, if you are running the newest version of OS X, which you certainly should be.

Some people are very used to Pu TTY and they miss it when they are on a Mac. Pu TTY doesn’t work “naturally” on OS X, so you need to use Mac Ports to ‘port’ it to your Mac.

In many cases a parent who may not have had a refresher on road rules and driver training in many years.

, allow the creation of functions which have no specified name.

They are most useful as the value of callback parameters, but they have many other uses.

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