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Tritium age dating

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Because these concentrations are dependent on their age, the measured concentration in groundwater can indicate the time since the water fell as rain.

Tritium is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere by interaction of nitrogen, and, to a lesser extent, oxygen with cosmic rays.

If the tritium delivery as a function of time can be reconstructed, this penetration process can be used for quantitative studies of water movement through identification of the bomb peak in certain ground water bodies.

However, there are natural limits to this method because tritium decay and dispersion make it increasingly difficult to identify the bomb peak in groundwater.

H, half-life of 12.43 years (Unterweger and others, 1980)) has provided an excellent tracer of young waters.

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Age-dating using tritium is based on the radioactive decay of tritium to helium-3 (He) after rainwater penetrates the ground during recharge.

Because of the irregularly shaped bomb peak, tritium data can often give ambiguous ages.